Independence Day (Birth of India’s freedom) marks the day when India got freedom from the British rule after years of slavery. Each year on August 15, India celebrates its Independence Day. On the eve of Independence Day, the President of India delivers the “Address to the Nation”. Every year on 15th August, the Indian Prime Minister hoists the Indian National Flag above the Lahori Gate of the historical site Red Fort in Delhi. The national holiday is observed throughout the India with flag-hoisting ceremony and cultural events.

India has become a free nation on August 15, 1947, but from British rule to till now not much has changed about our slavery towards other nations, like in terms of terrorism that destroys our country and its people. Although, the ruler has changed, but the rule is still the same!

Journey of Independent India! From Independence till now

How our Indian economy has changed since 1947? and How far we have come from what we were 70 years before?

Another Independence Day is coming and it has been 70 years since India celebrates the first one. India, Asia’s third largest economy has seen lots of socio-economic changes in these years. Since 1947 , India’s independent  journey continue which needs to rise up to face new challenges in the coming years.

In terms of infrastructure, a notable development has been recorded in the country’s infrastructure, including the enhancement of rural and urban roadways, national highways, rail networks, airports, electric power, water supply, irrigation systems, and communication networks, etc.  

If we talk about transport then it has also now become high-tech with continuous development of railways, airways, and waterways, etc., which made people’s life more easy in the country.

An education is directly linked to any country’s prosperity. Our country is today attracting the FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) in the various segments of the education.

During the time of independence, India’s population was around 35 crore. Tremendously rise in India’s population (around 125 crore) has given birth to many evils, including more burden on available resources of the nation, poverty, illiteracy, hunger. etc.

All along with that the progress of our society is encouraging as the standard of living of the people has risen today.

Before independence, getting freedom and sustaining their families with all the happiness in the world, was a basic need and the only priority of the people. Now-a-days, the priorities of a common man have totally changed with the change in their needs. People focus only on making more and more money and getting success.

In the globalization era, after 1991, the demand of foreign goods has risen due to their quality and brand name. But, because of incoming of the Swadeshi Movement in the country, the affinity of foreign goods had declined today.

Post independence, our country has progressed significantly. At present, India is the fastest growing large economy in the world with its 7.6% GDP growth recorded in 2015-2016. India still has a long journey to go in becoming an advanced, and  developed nation. India’s progress is not limited to few sectors like IT, telecom, education, or any other sector, but progress would be for the country as a whole.

No matter, where we were 70 years ago, we will still feel proud to be an Indian !

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