Complete India Lockdown For Next 21 Days Due To Corona Virus


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a complete nationwide lockdown for three weeks starting today to contain the coronavirus pandemic. In his second address to the nation within a week, Modi appealed to citizens not go outside of their homes. The PM also announced a ₹15,000 crore fund for testing, isolation beds, ventilators, and other necessary facilities, but stressed that social distancing was the only way to combat the disease.

Here’s is a list of essential services that will continue to work:

  • Hospitals and related medical establishments
  • Shops dealing in food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths
  • Banks, insurance offices and ATMs
  • Print and electronic media
  • Delivery of all essential goods including food, medicine, medical equipment through e-commerce
  • Petrol pumps, LPG, petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets
  • Electricity, water and sanitation
  • Police, fire and emergency services, disaster management and prison
  • Municipal staff required for essential services like sanitation, water supply, etc.
  • Hotels and homestays accommodating tourists and people stranded due to the lockdown
  • Telecom, internet services, broadcasting and cable services
  • Capital and debt market services


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